Tip #5-Our Last and Final Tip!

If your facility has the standard 12” square vinyl composite tile (VCT), contrary to what many companies will tell you, you don’t have to pay for the more expensive per square footage price of “stripping and waxing” more than once initially, and then thereafter only if the wax becomes damaged and cannot be restored. Instead, tile can look really great with occasional machine scrubbing and the addition of another coat of wax to restore the shine, which is an option that costs less per square foot.

Simply machine scrubbing ceramic tile can make quite a difference in restrooms and entrances, and again, it’s an inexpensive way to clean up! Having ceramic tile cleaned while we are in your facility doing other floor work will save you money since we can do that work while waiting for wax to dry on the tile.

Just remember that mopping a floor regularly will never get the ground-in dirt off the floor, especially if the cleaning staff is using dirty water! Machine scrubbing will need to be a part of the regular maintenance in any event.